App sells all kinds of retro-computers and consoles. Right now all my sales go through ebay. Please click this link to go directly to my ebay-sales:

Just take a look and find your childhood memories right here in fine condition and ready to be safely shipped worldwide to your home. I've been selling vintage and classic computers for over 17 years (on eBay) and know how to test and ship these beauties.

I've specialised in retrocomputer such as Apple, IBM, Commodore, MSX, Atari and many others. Portable Computers ("luggable") like Bondwell, Kaypro, Osborne.

I'm a collector myself and this is how it all started back in 2004, so I know what a collector wants and needs. I allways make sure my customers are happy and return to buy again. If you have any questions please let me know, it's allways great to hear from fellow collectors ! :-)

Cheers, Gerben