Kaypro II (2) System/bootdisk 5 DISKS (basic) games, The Word+, ProfitPlan CP/M

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You're buying 5 USED & SECOND-HAND DISKS with USED labels & Sleeves from previous software (!!)

Item:          5 Disks [NOT A COMPUTER] containting software for the Kaypro II (2) : 

Disk 1 (bootable systemdisk)
Kaypro II CP/M Systemdisk (bootdisk) Version 2.2 with all commands like ed,config,copy,pip, etc.

Disk 2
Basic-80 (Obasic and Mbasic) and games for the CP/M like Ladder, Catchum, StarTrek,etc

Disk 3

Profit Plan for the CP/M

Disk 4
The Word + for the CP/M

Disk 5
Wordstar 3.30 + Mailmerge

All disks have been checked on a real Kaypro II
You'll get 5 used unbranded disks without the paper sleeve (safe on shipping).
They will be send in a padded bubble-envelop, free worldwide shipping (!).

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