Tandy 200 Portable Computer

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Tandy 200 Portable Computer, works fine with a multi-adapter (not included) or on batteries. Fun little computer

Operating Condition:

works fine, screen, keyboard all ok

Cosmetic Condition:

Looks nice


Tandy 200

Bag (for Olivetti)




The Tandy 200 was introduced in 1984 as a more capable sister product of the Model 100. The Tandy 200 has a flip-up 16 line by 40 column display and came with 24 KB RAM which can be expanded to 72 KB (3 banks of 24 KB). Rather than the "button" style keys of the Model 100, its four arrow keys are a cluster of keys of the same size and shape as those comprising the keyboard, though the function and command "keys" are still of the button type. The Tandy 200 includes Multiplan, a spreadsheet application. It also added DTMF tone dialing for the internal modem, whereas the Model 100 only supports pulse dialing. On a phone line that doesn't support pulse dialing, users may dial manually using a touch-tone phone and then put the Model 100 online.


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