Philips NMS 8250 MSX 2 Homecomputer with Double Diskdrive, cables, disks, 100%

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Item: Philips NMS 8250 MSX 2 Homecomputer with Double Diskdrive (a.k.a. NMS 8255) , cables, disks, 100%. A few disks with games are included, and one with msx-dos. both diskdrives are original and working.


Operating Condition: ​works 100%. both diskdrives are tested, formatted and copied serveral disks with them without problems. Sound, Video, Diskdrives, Keyboard all tested.


Cosmetic Condition:​Looks nice, see pictures.



- Philips NMS 8250 with double diskdrives
- a few disks
- Video cable (scart)




- Nothing




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Philips NMS-8255 (two drives) MSX 2 homecomputer
NMS-8255 seen from the back

The Philips NMS-8250, (NMS is short for "New Media Systems") was a professional MSX 2 home computer for the high end market, with two built in floppy disk drives in a "pizza box" configuration. The machine was in fact manufactured by Sanyo and it's basically the MPC-25FS with a different color.

It featured professional video output possibilities, such as SCART for a better picture quality, and a detachable keyboard.

Technical specifications[edit]

  • Zilog Z80A with a clock speed of 3,56 MHz.
  • ROM: 64 kB
    • MSX 2: 48 kB
    • Disk BASIC: 16 kB
  • RAM: 256 kB
    • VRAM: 128 kB
    • Main memory: 128 kB
  • VDP
    • Yamaha YM9938
    • text: 80×24, 40×24 and 32×24 (characters per line × lines) four colors, two foreground colors and two background colors
    • graphical: resolution max 512×212 pixels (16 colors 512) and 256×212 (256 colors)
    • colors: 512 max
Controller chip
  • PSG (S-3527)
  • 3 sound channels, one noise channel
floppy disk station
  • dimensions: 3,5 inch
  • capacity: 720 kB (double sided)

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