Commodore 64-C 'Drean' Ultra Rare from Argentinia Commodore [Boxed]

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Commodore 64-C 'Drean' Ultra Rare from Argentinia Commodore [Boxed] with manual and psu (european) and some tapes

Operating Condition:

It does power on, but I could not get a tv-output. Maybe because it's from Argentinia ?

Cosmetic Condition:

Looks fine, see pictures. The box has clear signs of wear.


Commodore 64-C 'Drean'

European PSU




There's no video-cable and no Styro in the box

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Commodore Drean C64
C64 for Argentinia
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In Argentinia, the Commodore C64 was sold under the name "Drean". The company Drean bought parts from Commodore and built computers out of them to avoid import costs and problems. There were the models C64, C64c, C16 and C128 as Drean versions. They also sold accessories but without any modification (e.g. 1541 disk drive).

For all informations please visit the page C64 from Commodore.


The nameplate on the top has the name "Drean" on it and the rainbow stripes are smaller. The print quality is not as good as on the normal nameplates. Instead of "power" on the right there is a sign with "ENC.". Otherwise, the C64 Drean is identical to the "normal" model. There were also models with brown keyboards. But the color is slightly different (lighter) and the case form could have been slightly another one (note the additional groove beneath the air vents). Only Drean and SIGMA (Mexico, more informations on the C16 page) sold Commodore computers under their own name.


"ENC." instead of "Power". This stands for "encender" (Spanish for power).


No label on the bottom in the middle. Instead, right above two stickers with reference to the production from Drean and Argentina. Note also the other rubber feet and there were also other screws uses.


Only the C64C got an case that was designed by Drean in Argentinia but that was very similar to the design of the original Commodore case. Differences are the round instead of rectangular power LED and an metal plate around the connectors on the right side of the computer.


Externally, the models were virtually unchanged, but the logo was changed slightly with the suffix "Drean".


Drean C64C used the first C64 boards from 1982. However, the socketed ICs are from 1987.


The boards seemed to be repaired and/or modified.


The board with ASSY 326298 was the first one used in C64 (see also the date code 1982).


The VIC-II graphics chip was replaced by an MOS 6572, which supports the PAL-N TV-norm from South America.


Quality from Argentina: Strange cut outs for connections on the right. In addition, the metal part was cut, bent and serves as a support for the keyboard - Commodore used specially made metal brackets instead. The Argentine C64C housing was developed by Drean with cost savings in mind. Even the keyboard is apparently self-printed and manufactured in Argentina - which reveals the inaccurate and uneven printing.


At the bottom you can see the label with regard to the production by Drean in Argentina.
Operating system


Commodore took over the BASIC 2.0 from the VC20 for the C64. The C64, however, managed to display 40 characters per line and had another start screen. In addition, the colors are now light and dark blue.


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